Bridesmaids Luncheon:
Thursday, January 4, 1pm
Vincent's restaurant on St. Charles Avenue

My mother presented me with this reproduction Victorian Bride Doll. It was in the center of the table when I got to the restaurant.

Chris's mom ended up sitting next to one of my bridesmaids on the plane coming here (Sabrina). They called me from the airport to report that Sabrina's luggage was lost (with her bridesmaid's dress and her son's usher's tux in it) They took a taxi together to the luncheon hoping to hear from the airline later about her suitcase. They called me that night to say they delivered the suitcase to the hotel.

The food was wonderful at the Luncheon!! I had a great time visiting with everyone before the chaos of the next couple of days. Eleni gave me a Chinese ceremonial Wedding Bracelet at the Luncheon. Its beautiful!! She got it in China when she went on tour there with her school group from HSPVA. We went back to our house (Chris and mine) afterwards to begin the long process of putting little pieces of net tied with ribbon around 200 bubble containers. Thank you all so much for your hard work!!

My Mother and cousin Mary Pat Christou and her family surprised me by making favors for the reception. The cups with the beads, almonds and baby were a total surprise!
THANK YOU ALL so much for doing that!!!

Reproduction Victorian Bride Doll
my mother gave to me at the Luncheon.

Chinese Ceremonial Wedding Bracelet Eleni brought back from China for me.

We will post photos up here as soon as I get some in.....