Chris and I both love Halloween and Mardi Gras, but didn't want to have the wedding on either day due to the inflated airfares and hotel rates for our out of town guests. Not to mention the general craziness of those seasons and how busy we are during them. 12th Night was the perfect compromize! I've always loved carnival balls and now we get to throw our own to celebrate our wedding! See What is 12th Night for more info on Carnival Balls

To carry out the theme of a Masquerade Ball Wedding, WE ASK THAT YOU WEAR ONE OF TWO TYPES OF COSTUME:

1. Formal wear (long dresses or tux) with a carnival mask.


2. A full costume, ex:
Queen Elizabeth, Frankfurter from Rocky Horror, a nun, a southern bell, a harem girl, Napoleon, an 18th century gentelman, the Pope, etc...

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE WEAR A COSTUME!!!! We cannot have a Masqueade Ball without Maskers!!

PLEASE WEAR THE COSTUME TO BOTH THE WEDDING CERIMONY AND THE RECEPTION Our ceremony is NOT in an actual church. St. Elizabeth's Chapel was "deconcecrated" after being sold from the Catholic Church to the aurther Anne Rice, and God knows she won't be offended.

A local costume shop right up the street from the wedding has agreed to give discounts to anyone in our wedding party. They have two floors of costumes of every type you can imagine and then some.... They are called :

MGM Costume Rental
1617 St. Charles Avenue
Tel: 504-581-3999

To buy a carnival mask to complement formal wear from a local New Orleans Shop visit these:

The Little Shop of Fantasy
523 Rue Dumaine
New Orleans, LA 70116
(504) 529-4243

To buy a carnival mask to complement formal wear see these WEBSITES:

Florentine Masks:
Great Prices on Venetian Masks!! I've seen these same masks for hundreds of dollars!! Perfect for a masquerade!!

Handmade Paper Maché Carnival Masks.
Great Prices! Great Masks!!

Charlotte's Web of Illusion
Beautiful Masks!! Great Prices!!

Angel-Mask, Toys for the Face
Beautiful Fantasy Ball Masks!! This site will give you a good idea of a masquerade ball!!

Beautiful Paper Maché Masks!! Good to Expensive Prices!!

REAL VENETIAN Masks from venice!!
Does anybody know the exchange rate?

Italian Source
Beautiful, but pricey.

Venice Cybermall
Beautiful, but pricey.

Mardi Gras Beads and More

Beautiful Venetian Masks!! Great Prices!!

Beautiful, but pricey.

Accent Annex
Local New Orleans supplier of Mardi Gras Masks, Beads, etc....REALLY CHEAP!!

Party Lounge
Mardi Gras Masks, Halloween Costumes, etc...

Mardi Gras Zone

Too See MGM's costumes click here

MGM Costume Rental
1617 St. Charles Avenue
Tel: 504-581-3999

Green Feline Half Mask

Great Costume Ideas!!

"Mask" of Comedy"

"Feather" Stick Mask