St. Elizabeth's Orphanage
1314 Napoleon Avenue
Two blocks off St. Charles
between St. Charles and Magazine
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Guests will come in through the main entrance.

St. Elezabeth's is a HUGE building.
It takes up about 2 city blocks. The chapel is only a small part of the building.
Most of the Orphanage houses Anne Rice's Doll Museum.
Two of the rooms will be fully open for veiwing,including the Grand Doll Room (my favorite) and the Bride Doll Room.
The rest will be roped off but still able to be seen into
before the ceremony, so get there early to enjoy them.

The chapel is located on the second floor and is accessable from the main stairs or the elevator.
This is the veiw from the Door of the chapel, through the antichamber, to the main chapel.

This grotto is to your right as you walk into the anti chamber.

St. Elezabeth's had been abandoned for many years before Anne Rice purchased the property.
After years of neglect, ceiling leeks in the chapel caused the roof to cave in and a large portion of the plaster freezes to be distroyed.
The chapel has now been lovinly restored.