Wedding Party
Only Area

Wedding Date:
January 6, 2001 (12th Night)
6pm?? (we are still working out how long the ceremony will be so the time is not set yet)

Required Dress:
See Costume Area for More onfo.

Ceremony Location:
St. Elizabeth's Orphanage Chapel
Click here for Chapel Pictures and history

Reception following
7pm to 11pm at The Elms Mansion
Click Here for Pictures and History of the Elms Mansion

The Elm's Staff tells me there has been problems in the past with people trying to just walk in off the street for a party. As many as 50 people at one party has no idea who's wedding reception it was. Becasue of this, they will have a person at the door to check invitations. Anyone without an invite will have to be IDed by the wedding party.

12 YRS OLD at the reception.
The Elms Mansion is a house filled with expensive antiques. They do not allow children other than those in the wedding party to attend a function at the mansion. We are looking into setting up a babysitter in a room at the Hampton Inn for children under 12yrs. More info will be posted as we finalize plans.

St. Elizabeth's Orphanage
1314 Napoleon Avenue
Two blocks off St. Charles
between St. Charles and Magazine
click here for a map

St. Elizabeth's is an Historic building dating from the 1820's that is owned by the author Anne Rice. Most of the building houses Anne's Doll collection. Several rooms will be open for veiwing, so get there early to enjoy.

The Elms Mansion
3029 St Charles Avenue
click here for a map

The Elms Mansion has an extensive website showing the rooms of the mansion and the surrounding gardens. It is located on St. Charles Avenue only a few blocks from St. Elizabeth's. Guest who are staying in a hotel on St. Charles Avenue can ride the Street Car to the wedding and the reception. The Elms is
Street Car stop #18.